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Eric S. Swanson, PhD Biography

Associate Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Pittsburgh
Pro to the question "Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?"

“X-rays and UV rays carry enough energy that they can physically rearrange DNA structure (and that ain’t good!). Visible light is not dangerous because it does not have enough energy to damage DNA…

What about cell phones? They typically broadcast between 800 Mhz and 2.1 GHz, which corresponds to an energy that is one million times less than visible light…

The only effect of such low-energy radiation is a tiny amount of heating of the ear and brain matter – about one one-thousandth as much as the brain heating caused by wearing a hat…

The nature of light and of our bodies suggest that cell phone radiation cannot cause cancer, no matter how much is present. Similarly, radio waves, TV transmissions, microwaves and the radiation from power lines are all too feeble to cause DNA damage, and, hence, cancer.

Tell your friends — feel free to call them!”

“Stop Freaking Out About Cell Phones,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug. 3, 2008

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  • Associate Professor of Nuclear Physics, University of Pittsburgh
  • Member, American Physical Society
  • Member, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Former Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Former researcher, MIT Center for Theoretical Physics
  • Former researcher, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (United Kingdom)
  • PhD, Physics, University of Toronto, 1991
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