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Con to the question "Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?"

“Telecom-funded studies have been reporting highly questionable results in comparison with independent studies. Studies independent of industry consistently show there is a significant risk of brain tumors from cellphone use.

The existing ICNIRP [International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation] and FCC [Federal Communications Commission] exposure limits are based on a false premise that only thermal effects cause harm. In this regard the European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for a review of the existing exposure limits.

The risk to children is far greater than to adults, and though some government recommendations or guidelines have been published, no mandatory actions have been taken.

Soon, after years of delays, for the first time, partial results from all 13 countries of the Interphone study will be published…

The Telecom industry ‘media statement’ (AKA press release) and similar messages will do their best to cast doubt about the risk of brain tumors from wireless phone use. But the facts remain. We encourage journalists to report on the independent science, to make the dangers of cellphone use known to the public, and to thoroughly investigate who was responsible for the Interphone design protocol.”

“Cellphones and Brain Tumors – 15 Reasons for Concern,”, Aug. 25, 2009


The International EMF Collaborative was formed specifically to publish the report “Cellphones and Brain Tumors – 15 Reasons for Concern.” The collaborative is comprised of the EM Radiation Trust, Powerwatch, EMR Policy Institute,, and the Peoples Initiative Foundation. It is also endorsed by 43 experts in the field of EMF radiation.

“Aug. 25, 2009 – Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors,” (accessed Feb. 18, 2010)


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