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Rodolfo Saracci, MD, PhD Biography

Director of Research in Epidemiology at the National Council (Pisa, Italy)
NC to the question "Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?"

“None of today’s established carcinogens, including tobacco, could have been firmly identified as increasing risk in the first 10 years or so since first exposure… INTERPHONE shares with all studies previously carried out on mobile phones and cancer the inherent limitation that it can investigate only a short period of observation since first exposure; the distribution of exposure is brief and truncated leaving limited incubation time for an exposure-related cancer to develop. Hence observing no increase in risk would be reassuring but only to a limited extent…

For the time being, INTERPHONE’s findings, interpreted in the context of prior studies, tells us that the question as to whether mobile phone use increases risk for brain cancers remains open.”

“Commentary: Call Me on my Mobile Phone…or Better Not? – A Look at the INTERPHONE Study Results,” International Journal of Epidemiology, May 17, 2010

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Director of Research in Epidemiology, National Council (Pisa, Italy)
  • Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, University of Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Scientific consultant, International Agency for Research on Cancer (Lyon, France)
  • Member, International Epidemiological Association
  • Former President, International Association of French Speaking Epidemiologists
  • MD, school unknown
  • PhD, Medical Statistics, school unknown
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