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Children may have an increased risk of adverse health effects from cell phone radiation.

A 2016 meta-analysis of studies concerning cell phone use and cancer concluded in “children and teenagers, cell phone use is associated with the incidence of brain tumors.” [111]

According to former American Academy of Pediatrics President Robert Block, MD, when cell phones are used by children, “the average RF energy deposition is two times higher in the brain and 10 times higher in the bone marrow of the skull,” than for adults. [68]

A July 2008 study shows that children under the age of eight absorb twice the amount of radiation into their brain tissue as adults due to their lower skull thickness. [17]

Further, prenatal exposure to radiation from cell phones may increase the risk of ADHD and other behavior problems in children. According to a Nov. 2008 study, exposure to cell phone radiation while in the womb “was associated with behavior difficulties such as emotional and hyperactivity problems around the age of school entry.” [65]

A Dec. 2010 study replicated those findings. [67] A Mar. 15, 2012 study found that mice exposed to cell phone radiation in the womb “were hyperactive and had impaired memory” as adults. [66]

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